Foodmart 2000 for Microsoft OLAP 2005

Foodmart 2000 for Microsoft OLAP 2005
The file contains the Foodmart 2000 Sample database for Microsoft Analysis 2005, and the Microsoft Access datasource for Foodmart 2000

zip  Foodmart2000forOLAP2005 3.42 Mb

Note 1: The migrated database above will not work with SSAS and SP2. If you have SP2 for SSAS installed (ver. 9.00.3042.00 or higher) please download the FoodMart2000 from this link:

Note 2: This was migrated from MS OLAP 2000 to MS OLAP 2005, the Microsoft migration tool automatically renamed a few dimensions. Those dimensions are manually recreated to prevent errors that were reported
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